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Maintain the freedom
to work the way
you want.


Unlock the opportunity to purchase Health Insurance, Vision, and Dental coverage, plus our Rx Discount Program. Additionally, gain access to downloadable business guides and educational resources to empower your journey as an Independent Worker!

Self-Sufficient Bundle


Upgrade to our comprehensive bundle and enjoy all the benefits of the Self-Sufficient Bundle, plus exclusive access to Telehealth services for you and your family. Benefit from our Pet Insurance Discount Program, savings on Home & Auto Insurance, and unlock discounts at over 500,000+ merchants nationwide!

Self-Supporting Bundle



Embrace the ultimate experience by choosing our top-tier bundle. It includes all the benefits of the Self-Sufficient and Self-Supporting Bundles, plus ID Theft Monitoring & Restoration, Cyber Device Protection, as well as access to Behavioral Health Therapy and a comprehensive Mental Health App. Protect and empower yourself with this all-encompassing package!

Self-Sustaining Bundle

First pick an iPSE-U.S. Membership Bundle...

Next, add any additional products you are interested in
such as Healthcare Insurance, Dental, Vision, etc.  



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