iPSE is excited to partner with Keeper Tax, the #1 tax filing software for Indpendent Workers, to provide iPSE members with discounted tax filing services and access to expense tracking specific to the needs of Independent Workers. 

Get smart with
self-employment taxes 


Keeping you safe from Mistakes

Being an Independent Worker provides many freedoms that you may not receive with traditional employment. However, with that freedom, comes great tax responsibility.

Taxes can be a challenge and mistakes in filing your taxes can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars – this is why iPSE has partnered with Keeper Tax to provide a discount on the Keeper Tax filing service as well as access to the Keeper Tax Monthly Expense Tracking Service.

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Tax Filing Service

Keeper Tax Tax Filing Service may fetch a tax savings for you worth $800 - $2,400, simply by scanning your bank and credit card statements for tax deductible expenses.  You can then directly file taxes with Keeper Tax using their tax filing service.  Keeper Tax is designed to be simple and fun. 


Keeper Tax also provides a monthly Expense Tracking Service plan.


iPSE members click here to begin using the Keeper Tax filing service at a special rate for iPSE members and to learn more about the Expense Tracking services provided by Keeper Tax.


What are quarterly Taxes

Quarterly tax payments are a way for the IRS to make sure you are withholding income when an employer isn’t doing it for you. It requires paying part of your trades four times a year, instead of all at once on April 15th.

What’s the penalty for not paying quarterly?

If you wait until the end of the year to file taxes, you will have to pay a penalty, In 2019, that penalty was around 5% of your total tax payment, plus inflation. In total, that’s about 7% interest.

Should I track expenses for part time 1099 work?

Keeper Tax suggests to always track 1099 work expenses, even if you only work part-time. Click here to learn more

How do I make quarterly taxes payments?

You can pay online with direct deposit. For federal taxes, you can pay online here. Most states also allow you to pay online – you will need to create an account on the state revenue service website. Keeper Tax will also file quarterly taxes for you. iPSE members receive a special rate for this service.