Our association is dedicated to advancing the freedom of America’s Independent Workers by giving them an equal voice in public policy, an equal choice to pursue their workstyle without fear, and equal access to benefits to protect themselves, their businesses, and their families.

By every measure, Independent Workers should be able to carry serious political clout in the U.S.
3/4 Independent Workers choose to work this way.
Yet, Independent Workers lack a unified political voice that advocates on their behalf.

The Challenges and Barriers

Unfair and unequal tax treatment

Lacking policy advocates to champion their workstyle, independent workers are subject to taxation without representation.


Even those who have chosen self-employment as a full-time career face ongoing attempts and “tests” to re-classify them as W-2 employees.

Lack of access to benefits structures.

Independent Workers lack access to benefits structures to protect themselves and their families.

Both the employer-based model and the individual mandate for health insurance have proven deeply flawed, and neither is likely to move beyond political gridlock anytime soon.

No dedicated Federal focus of Independent Workers

Current labor policies were designed 75 years ago around traditional employment models, and ignore nearly 40% of the modern workforce.

Though “gig worker” lawsuits make headline news, the federal government’s time and attention is still focused almost exclusively on “jobs.”

Over 50 million Americans engage in Independent Work.

Get Involved

Independent Worker Advocacy Toolkit

When you decide to directly engage with legislators over issues that affect your innovative and valuable workstyle – you should have every resource and tool available to you to effectively convey your opinion.

With our Independent Worker Advocacy Toolkit, we provide you with downloadable material to effectively contact, and if desired, meet with your elected representative in Congress to ensure that your voice is heard.

Independent Worker Advocacy Toolkit

Independent Worker Advocacy Toolkit
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  • Understanding advocacy 

  • How the labor policy is made and how the legislative process works.

  • Insight into the top challenges and barriers faced by Independent Workers.

  • Factsheet on the Independent Workforce of America.

Take action-100.jpg


  • How to make policymakers hear our asks

  • Effectively use the proper communication channels


  • What do we want?

  • Why do we want it? 

  • Who can make this happen? 

  • Prepare your advocacy plan

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  • Talking points

  • Social media​

  • Email templates for correspondence​

  • Phone call scripts

  • ​Meeting guides​

  • Contact tracker and follow up materials

Independent workers contribute $1.56 trillion to the U.S. economy.


IPSE Legislative Insights and Analysis

The U.S. 116th Congress has introduced several bills that address issues that directly affect the Independent Workforce of America. The leadership team at iPSE-U.S. provides expert insight and analysis on key bills so you know when, why and how to get involve

U.S. Senate




Portable Benefits for Independent Workers Pilot Program Act


Self-Employed Mortgage Access Act

U.S. House




Modern Work Empowerment Act


Protecting Independent Contractors from Discrimination Act

D.C. Actions

Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas
We Work Through
Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas

Key to achieving our advocacy objectives is our relationship with D.C. lobbying firm MCRT.

Through their bipartisan team of qualified and skilled lobbyists, MCRT has developed a policy action plan for our association intended to strategically raise our national recognition, build valuable coalitions with legislators and key federal bureaucrats, and position the iPSE-U.S. leadership team to actively engage in policy development and commentary.

Coalition Actions

We Co-Founded
The Coalition for Workforce Innovation

The mission of CWI is to enhance the choice, flexibility, and economic opportunity for all workers.

Learn More about how we and our partners are Modernizing Federal Workforce Policy

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Contingent and Alternative Employment Arrangements.

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Freelancing in America: 2018 Freelancers Union and Upwork

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Workforce to Workfit

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The State of Independence in America 2019: The Changing Nature of the American Workforce

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