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Our Mission

To advance the freedom of America’s Independent Workers by giving them an equal voice in public policy, an equal choice to pursue their workstyle without fear, and equal access to benefits.

Our Vision

To be the leader of change for America’s Independent Workers; to empower the Independent Workers of today, for a more equitable America of tomorrow.

About iPSE-U.S.


Board of Directors



It’s a powerful promise and a bold premise on which to found a country – or forge a career.


Kelly Services

Kelly Services is committed to creating community and connection amongst skilled independent workers. Kelly aims to make independent work a viable and sustainable way of life. Simply, we believe choice in workstyle provides a better and more significant way to live. By providing meaningful opportunities to learn, grow, acquire new skills and experiences, gain control and balance while pursuing their passions, Kelly enables the skilled independent worker to build richer, more interesting experiences.

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