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Affordable Prescriptions. Delivered To Your Door.® is a full-service pharmacy located in Boca Raton, Florida.


Our mission is to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for the uninsured and under-insured. We do this by offering our prescription drugs at acquisition cost, instead of using list price derived discount pricing.


Our average customer saves over $1,000 per year by transferring their prescriptions to our pharmacy service.

How to use

  • SHOP DRUG PRICES: Browse our website or ask for a quote by phone. All prices are guaranteed.

  • ORDER PRESCRIPTIONS: All orders must be placed over the phone (800-964-9654) with a licensed pharmacy staff member.

  • SPECIAL PERKS: Provide your (iPSE) to get free shipping on your first four orders, and 2x loyalty points.

  • COORDINATION OF CARE: Our licensed pharmacy staff will coordinate new prescriptions with your doctors or transfer prescriptions from your current pharmacy.

  • FAST DELIVERY: Your prescriptions will arrive within 5 business days from being shipped. This is not insurance. Pharmacy is currently pending approval to ship prescription drugs to AL.

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