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LibertyID  provides fully managed identity theft restoration (no matter what the  issue is), and now they are YOUR resource should anything happen to your  identity or the identity of one of your family members – at the mall,  the IRS, DMV, EVERYWHERE.


The only thing worse than being a victim of identity  theft is having to recover from it by yourself. The time, energy and  emotional strain can be overwhelming.


LibertyID carefully examined the identity theft  protection industry and found that while identity theft can be  minimized, it can never really be eliminated. We are all susceptible to  identity theft because our personal information is everywhere.


There are many companies selling “credit and deep web  monitoring” and some that even offer an expense reimbursement policy,  but those services really do little or nothing to fix the fallout – and  if you read the fine print, in the end all they do is provide advice or assistance.


LibertyID is the no-nonsense solution to identity  theft. With tens of thousands of success stories and a 100% success  rate, you can be confident that should you or any member of your  immediate family have any identity theft issue, LibertyID will resolve  it for you no matter what it takes – and at no charge to you!


As an iPSE-U.S. member, identity theft restoration is included with membership.


In addition, members can extend their highly discounted coverage to their spouse/partner (for $50.00/year) or family* (for $75.00/year).

*Three generations of coverage - Family definition: You, your spouse/partner, your parents, your parents-in-law, and your children (25 and under) 

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