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Hollie Heikkinen

Thought Leader and Advocate for the Advancement of Independent Worker Equality CEO & Founder, iWorker Innovations – Detroit Metropolitan Area – Michigan Keynote Speaker- The Future of Work and the Independent Workforce “The Future is Now” A lifelong entrepreneur, Hollie brings nearly 3 decades of experience to the world of independent work. She is an expert advisor to national associations and serves as a Trustee for the Committee for Economic Development (CED), is Chair of CED’s Women in Corporate Leadership Committee and also serves as a Board Advisor for The Conference Board’s (TCB) Human Capital Center and is on the Board of Directors for the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce (DRC, 2nd largest Chamber in the U.S.). Hollie is also a founding member of the Coalition for Workforce Innovation (CWI). As a tireless advocate for common-sense reform, Hollie brings her fight for the rights of independent workers to the halls of Washington, DC and the board rooms of Fortune 500 companies. Hollie launched iWorker Innovations to meet the unique needs of the independent workforce; iWorker Innovations partners with national firms and associations to provide bundled portable benefits that create a business and social safety for independent workers. Hollie is passionate about creating equality for those who do not have a consolidated political voice and encourages government, organizations, and businesses to include ‘the people’ in the conversation.


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