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Gyongyver Bethke

Gyongyver Bethke

In 2003 Gogo came from Romania to the US with $200 to build her American

dream. She started in Real Estate in 2011; she had no SOI, no experience, barely spoke English, and had $6 to her name. That was when she started to build her business, organically, with the power of Social Media.


Gogo has done 120M+ in personal transactions, is part of the top 3% Realtor in the Nation, #1 Social Media Realtor in MI, and #16 Social Media Realtor in the nation, Top 125 Most Influential People - SUCCESS Magazine. Known as "The Social Media Queen", she has 66k+ followers on Instagram. Founder of Gogo's Real Estate Team, Gogo also has two online Bootcamps, “Gogo’s Bootcamp” and “Agent Attraction Bootcamp” and she is a 2X 2 Comma Club Award winner. In 2022 Gogo also started her own TV Show called Gogopreneur.


In November/2018 Gogo joined eXp, and since then she has attracted 1,000+ agents across the US and from Canada, Mexico, France, Brazil, Spain, and Columbia.Today Gogo is part of the 0.02% Top Influencers at eXp.


Career Highlights:

  • Inman Article - 5 social media best practices for real estate agents:

  • Verified on Instagram (66k followers)

  • Top 125 Most Influential People - SUCCESS Magazine 2022

  • ClickFunnels 2X 2 Comma Club Award 2021/2022 - Agent Attraction Bootcamp& Gogo’s Bootcamp Social Media

  • Has her own TV Show “Gogopreneur” ->

  • Ranked #16 on the Top 100 Realtor on Instagram in the U.S.A. - 2020

  • Voted Top Real Estate Agent on Social Media in Detroit, MI - 2020

  • Property Spark - Voted #1 Real Estate Agent on Social Media in Michigan in 2020, 2021, and 2022

  • Voted best #Realtor in Brighton, Michigan in 2019

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