Critical Illness Coverage

Help protect yourself against the unexpected with affordable Critical Illness insurance as a benefit of your membership.†



Life can be unpredictable, but your financial future shouldn’t be. Critical Illness insurance offered through your IPSE membership is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a company that has stood the test of time for more than 140 years.

Apply for coverage and you can have help paying for medical and non-medical expenses such as care and treatment, mortgage/rent payments, and child care when a serious illness threatens to derail your future.

Medical Hardships

63% of Americans have used up most or all of their savings to pay for medical bills.

Disabling Illness

~8.6 million Americans are living with some form of heart disease or the after-effects of stroke.

Are you Prepared?

More than half of the US population has less than $10,000 in savings.



Reliable coverage for the unexpected is now possible with Critical Illness insurance you can take with you from job to job, as long as you remain a member.

Apply today and enjoy exclusive rates available to IPSE members.

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Flexible Coverage Amounts

IPSE Members who are 64 years old or younger may apply for up to $100,000 of coverage, in $10,000 increments, allowing you to select the right level of insurance protection for yourself. You can enroll your dependents only if you’re enrolled.


Spouse/Domestic Partner, through age 64, may elect up to $50,000, in increments of $5,000, but cannot exceed the member amount. Children, through age 25, may elect up to $15,000 or up to 50% of the member amount, in increments of $5,000. In order to be eligible for Critical Illness Insurance, prospective participants must be enrolled in a Major Medical Plan to ensure that they do not misinterpret the policy as a Medical Plan.

No Restrictions On How You Use Your Benefit Payment

Even with health insurance, out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses such as deductibles or co- pays can really cause financial strain. With Critical Illness, there is no limitation in how you use your benefit payments. The money can be used for anything from home care and treatment, recuperation aid, mortgage payments or rent, child care, over-the-counter medications, groceries, college tuition, or travel to a treatment center. Benefits are payable directly to you, as per the terms of the policy.

Schedule of Benefits

The coverage is designed to mitigate financial struggles when unexpectedly diagnosed with the following life-threatening conditions:

Condition% of Principal Sum

Invasive Cancer 100%

Heart Attack 100%

Major Organ Transplant 100%

Renal (Kidney) Failure 100%

Alzheimer’s Disease 100%

Cancer Insitu (Partial) 25%

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery 25%

Coma, Deafness or Heart Valve Replacement 25%


Note: All are subject to Lifetime Maximum Benefit of 200%

The Amount of Insurance for Skin Cancer is $0

Additional Benefits

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Evaluation

$500 when a covered person seeks evaluation or consultation at an NCI- sponsored cancer center for cancer diagnosis.


$250 for the transportation and lodging of the covered person who is receiving the evaluation/consultation. The cancer center must be more than 100 miles from the covered person's residence.

Payable once per covered person’s lifetime.

Transportation Benefit

Benefit for transportation expenses for the roundtrip travel between the hospital or medical facility and the residence of the covered person for treatment of Covered Illness:

  • $0.50/mile for noncommercial travel; actual charges for commercial travel
  • Limited to $1,500 per round trip
  • Payable once per calendar year per covered person receiving treatment
  • Excludes hospitals or medical facilities within a 100mile radius from the covered person’s primary residence.

Lodging Benefit

  • Benefit for lodging in connection with the treatment of Critical Illness:
  • $60 per day
  • Limited to 60 days per calendar year per covered person receiving treatment
  • Excludes hospitals or medical facilities within a100 mile radius from the covered person’s primary residence
  • Not payable for lodging occurring more than 24 hours prior to treatment for lodging occurring more than 
  • 24 hours following treatment

Does Not Terminate After One Benefit Payment

A reoccurrence benefit is a part of our standard offering and allows an insured to receive additional benefits for the second diagnosis of a previously covered condition, up to a maximum benefit amount. The amount payable for a Reoccurrence of a Critical Illness or Procedure is 50% of the amount paid to the person for the First Occurrence of the Critical Illness or Procedure. All benefits are subject to the Lifetime Maximum Benefit below.


Reoccurrence of a Critical Illness or Procedure means:

(1) A person is positively diagnosed by a Doctor as having an additional occurrence or reoccurrence of a Critical Illness or Procedure for which a benefit was paid under this Coverage; and


(2) The date of the diagnosis of the additional occurrence or reoccurrence is more than 180 days after the date of such prior benefit payment.

Quick Payment Process

A lump sum is paid to the policyholder if he or she is diagnosed with a specific illness stated on The Prudential Insurance Company of America's predetermined list.

1. American Heart Association, Statistical Fact Sheet 2016 Update.

2. Kaiser Family Foundation/New York Times survey, January 5, 2016.

3. Prudential Financial Wellness Survey, April 2014.

† Coverage is not guaranteed and subject to proof of good health.

*IPSE-US Group Critical Illness Insurance coverages are not available in; Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and are not included as a member benefit at any membership level.

This coverage is not health insurance coverage (often referred to as “Major Medical Coverage”).

This type of plan is NOT considered “minimum essential coverage” under the Affordable Care Act and therefore does NOT satisfy the individual mandate that you have health insurance coverage.

IPSE-US Group Critical Illness Insurance coverage is a limited benefit policy issued to IPSE-US by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a Prudential Financial company, Newark, NJ and distributed by iWorker Innovations, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. iWorker Innovations, LLC is a subsidiary of iW Holdings, LLC. Prudential Workplace Solutions Groups Services, LLC owns a minority non-controlling interest in iWorker Holdings, LLC. The Prudential Insurance Company of America and Prudential Workplace Solutions Group Services, LLC are businesses of Prudential Financial, Inc. Each company is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. Prudential’s Critical Illness Insurance is not a substitute for medical coverage that provides benefits for medical treatment, including hospital, surgical, and medical expenses, and it does not provide reimbursement for such expenses. The Booklet-Certificate contains all details, including any policy exclusions, limitations, and restrictions, which may apply. If there is a discrepancy between this document and the Booklet-Certificate/Group Contract issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, the Group Contract will govern. A more detailed description of the benefits, limitations, and exclusions applicable are contained in the Outline of Coverage provided at time of enrollment. Please contact Prudential for more information. Contract provisions may vary by state. Contract Series: 114774.

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