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A different kind of profession deserves a different kind of membership.

Welcome to IPSE's Allied Health Community

Most of us started our careers in allied health with a dream and a plan. We would finish school, get a full time job that came with a great boss, great patients and great benefits and start to make a positive difference in the world around us with what we had learned.
Sound familiar?
Now fast forward – a few days, weeks, months or (ahem, years) ahead.  Life often gets in the way of full time work. Sometimes the challenge comes from finding the right company and right job, sometimes there are layoffs and other times we just want a change so that your job starts to fit your life instead of the other way around.
That change can come from becoming Independent.   
Whether your goal is to work as a 1099 for a company or start your own private or mobile practice, being Independent can take you anywhere.  

start the journey here.

Licensure requirements, federal payor programs, documentation, ethics, mandated reporting make the needs of healthcare workers different form other industries.  We get it. That's why we partnered with ITA (The Independent Therapist Alliance to create a membership community just for you.

Rehab Business Training

CEUS that focus on the business of you.

We know that you're busy so learning about business while earning your CEUs is a win-win.  All courses are accredited for PT | OT | SLP.  New to independent work? Start with our signature course, "How to Be Your Own Boss".  Already in practice? You will love our newest course, "Getting Paid the First Time" which provides a step by step process for clean claim submissions for outpatient rehab services to Medicare.

$179 Value 

The Add On Benefits of ITA/IPSE

Calculators & Tools

make it easy to stay on track.

Our Calculators are free for members, downloadable and updated annually to make it easy for you to stay organized and manage your business. The Self Employment Tax Calculator lets you track deductions and expenses so you know what to expect to pay (and what you can keep) in tax time. Our Medicare Reimbursement Calculator calculates your reimbursement by procedure code with just a click and our favorite, The Dream Calculator tracks hours needed to work to reach your insert dream here.


$229 Value 

Member Only Discounts

added discounts for allied health professionals

Even with EMR programs, you still need stuff and IPSE delivers with added discount partners exclusive for our Allied Health Community. With the discount program, you can save on therapy supplies, toolkits and yep, even those clinical CEU courses.

ITA Logo White Stacked.png

Expert help. For whatever you need.

Industry experts to support you and your business.

This is not just an association.  Our membership includes access to industry experts  and offers free or reduced cost consult services for anything from securing licenses and NPI numbers, developing Compliance Programs and responding to claim audits.   You do not have to do it alone. Be independent but with support. We can help.

GET EXPERT HELP all the benefits of IPSE 

choose the plan that's right for you

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Automatic & Optional Insurance

PT | OT | SLP | Rehab Professionals

CEU's  | Member Discounts | Tools | News | Friends


Independent. With Benefits.

Do what you love without employer limitations with the Independent Therapist Membership


Doing what you love with great pay, flexibility, and benefits isn't a pipe dream anymore!  The iPSE and ita EXCELS partnership brings benefits, education, and community support to the Independent Worker.  Choosing how, when and where you work with the pay you desire are just a few reasons iPSE and ita EXCELS are working together to offer you a membership designed for your specific needs.

Everything you need.  All in one place.

You are going to love it here!

* must be an Independent Therapist member to access CEU program

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 5.30.43 PM.png

Log on to the member portal to review benefits, update payments and access discount programs.

Select the Independent Therapist Membership 

Log on to access the CEU Program offerings. 

  • Continuing Education (CEU Program)

    • Ethics, HIPPA & Mandated Reporting​

    • Medicare Coverage, Payments & Denials

    • Documentation 

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Business Tools

  • Access to insurance:

    • Home​

    • Auto

    • Dental 

    • Vision

  • Telehealth and Teletherapy

  • Legal Assistance

  • Advocacy Insights

  • iPSE Newsletter

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Identity Theft Restoration

  • Financial Wellness Resources

  • Debt Management Tools

  • iPSE Research and Industry Insights

  • Downloadable iPSE Business Guides

  • Massive Discount Program

  • Access to over 1 million jobs

  • Educational Opportunities

  • iPSE Community Network

Independent Therapist Membership

  • 50% off tuition for over 20 in-demand business degree programs:

    • Certificate

    • Associates​

    • Bachelors

    • Masters

  • Transfer credits from other universities

  • Work/Military classroom credit

  • Concierge admissions, advising and career services support

  • Flexible Class Schedules

Education Add On


Normally $299

CEU Credits Included

This partnership creates a connection for the Independent Worker to have everything they need to succeed without the constraints of a 9-5 employer.   Allowing you the freedom to find your own work style and keep doing what you love!  iPSE-U.S. and ita EXCELS will change the way you work with all the support and benefits you need along the way.   We are an association, but feel like a friend!

alone we can do so little...

Together we can do so much!

We Believe Your Benefits Should Fit Your Lifestyle

iPSE provides the tools to help you and your business reach its full potential, while saving you time and money.
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