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iPSE & Cleary University FAQ

iPSE-U.S. | Cleary University  
Education Opportunity Partnership FAQs


Q: Who can participate? 

A: All iPSE-U.S. members in good standing with the annual iPSE-U.S. Education+ membership and meet the eligibility requirements for Cleary University.


Q: How can I find out information about Cleary University? 

A: Click here for general information about Cleary University


Q: Is Cleary University an Accredited University? 

A: Yes! Cleary University is fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission


Q: Can I transfer to Cleary University from another college? 

A: Yes, you must complete a Cleary application for admission requirements, as well as any supplemental information required by the Cleary University Records Department. They will evaluate your previous academic transcripts. Students may request an official transcript by ordering through the Parchment storefront


Q: Does Cleary University grant credit for prior military and work/learning experience? 

A: Yes!  Cleary and iPSE understand that learning doesn’t always happen in the classroom.  Click here to learn more about how your life experience can turn into classroom credit.


Q: What are Cleary University’s Admission Requirements? 

A: These can be found here!

Q: What if I don’t meet the Admission Requirements? 

A: To discuss additional options please contact your Enrollment Specialist, Kristi Stutz at 517-338-3317 or email kstutz@cleary.edu.

Q: What type of degrees does Cleary offer?

A: Cleary University has over 20 different business degree concentrations! Choose your program here


Q: As an iPSE-U.S. member do I qualify for all programs that Cleary offers?

A: Yes!  In fact, a special advantage of the iPSE-U.S. and Cleary University partnership is that we recognize Independent Workers have diverse skills and various levels of education.  So we have made all levels of degree programs available to iPSE Education+ members. 


Q: Do I need to apply for financial aid? 

A: Yes, everyone in the iPSE-U.S. program will need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)prior to registering for classes.  All federal grants awarded will be applied toward your remaining tuition balance.  Financial aid and federal grants do not apply to the per semester technology fee. 


Q: What are my out of pocket costs? 

A: With the iPSE-U.S. Education+ membership you will pay the balance of your tuition and a per semester technology fee- the good news?! This fee includes all of your eBooks for each semester!

Q: Are there time requirements to finish a degree? 

A: Yes, 6 years for a bachelor’s degree and 3 years for a master’s degree. 


Q: What happens if I am no longer a member of iPSE-U.S.? 

A: You may continue your education at Cleary; however, tuition will revert to the standard rate at the time of your membership cancellation.  Each semester iPSE will confirm that all program participants are in good standing with their annual Education+ membership dues. 


Q: How can I ensure that my iPSE-U.S. Education+ membership remains in good standing? 

A: Log into your member portal and set your Education+ membership to auto-renew.


Q: What type of computer do I need to take courses online at Cleary? 

A: Students can use an iPad, Chromebook, PC or Mac. 


Q: Can I get my bachelor’s degree and then continue on to get my master’s degree at Cleary? 

A: Only one degree per person is permitted with the Company Education Opportunity Partnership Program with iPSE-U.S. 


Q: How long is each class? 

A: Each semester is 16 weeks, divided into two sessions (A and B).  Each session is eight (8) weeks in duration.  This allows students six (6) times throughout the year to enroll (Fall A or B, Spring A or B, Summer A or B).

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